The West Fork San Gabriel River Conservancy is a California registered
non-profit 501(c)(3) that was formed in November of '09 by a group of
local Fly Fishermen who either frequent the area, or did at one time.
While discussing the idea on a Fly Fishing forum, a number of additional
volunteers came forward, willing to give their time in order to add to the
"uniformed presence" on the West Fork.

Los Angeles and its surrounding area is an incredible empire with a huge
pupulous. The number of people who want to see the West Fork thrive is
enormous. This section of the river is accessible, family friendly, and
holds some really beautiful wild fish and a multicultural environment. This
is an effort to tap Los Angeles’s interest in the West fork, to provide it with
the direct funding it requires in order to sustain an environment that has
long since been enjoyed.

Arising out of a club forum post, a group of individuals decided
to put their actions where their concerns were. Most of these men and
women take the little amount of time it takes to write every letter required
by movements in the law and movements to persuade our
representatives. But most of us have more time to give than that.

We believe that the goal is simple. The more trained volunteers we have,
the less each person has to patrol, and the more it is possible to sustain
this effort throughout generations to come. We must understand that we
are here to offer ourselves as a supplement alongside efforts being
conducted by our friends in the San Gabriel Mountain Range such as the
Fisheries Resource Volunteer Corps, and the Forest Service Gateway
Center located at the entrance to the canyon.  We owe many thanks for
their guidance in this endeavor.    
Our Interests
We know that our members are likely going to be fly fishermen,
birdwatchers, bicyclers, plant lovers etc. ranging in ethnic background.
We are prepared to foster an environment where our volunteers can do
some patrolling and also some research into their particular interest.
Understanding the Environment of the West Fork is essential to
educating the public visitors. The educational side of our group is
expressed dually: first in educational pre-enforcement through patrolling
the west fork (respond), but also in educational events for children (pass
it on).

Since the first two miles of river are an adjoining part of the Special regs
section, we are interested in seeing improvements such as more trash
cans, and perhaps even rest room facilities. This place houses more
people than it is currently designed to facilitate. If we want to see this
place cleaner, we believe that we need to take in that fact. Trash
cleanups will be held, however getting the public visitors to clean up after
themselves will be emphasized through patrolling and by facilitating with
extra trash cans/dumpsters where possible.
We were officially recognized as non-profit 501(c)(3) by the State of
California  on January 5, 2010, the official founding of the West Fork
SGR Conservancy.
Our first 7 members completed the Forest Service training which logs
our first 56 hours of volunteer service.
We received our first donation
of $275 which covers a portion
of the legal process for
becoming an official non-profit
organization (we are by
practice a non profit
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About Us
West Fork San Gabriel River Conservancy
We received a donation from
one of our founding members
and sponsors, to allow us to
complete the non-profit legal
process .
Donate here via Pay Pal.
The first seven members of the
the USl Forest Service, logging
the Conservancy's first fifty six
hours of volunteer service in
the Angeles National Forest.
The WFSGRC reached thirty
members, still several months
ahead of our first scheduled
membership drive.  The
Conservancy's first "Club tour"
speaking engagement is
booked and scheduled for
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