Murky Waters
Hikers cross a section of the
East Fork that is dis-colored by
sediment from illegal mining
s upstream
What’s new?

  • New Board of Directors installed 1/1/14.  Please join us in welcoming;
    Ed Ash - President
    John Burns - Vice President
    Melinda Burns - Secretary
    Brian Mayer - Treasurer
    Mark Griffin -  Education/Conservation
    Peter Hutline - Forest Service Liaison

  • We have been working with the "Leave No Trace Center For Outdoor
    Ethics", to designate the San Gabriel Canyon as a Leave No Trace
    "Hot Spot" for 2011/2012.  The Center will provide training for Forest
    Service Staff and Volunteers to help them better communicate with
    visitors about the importance of preserving and protecting the area.  
    The Center will also survey the Canyon to make suggestions for sign
    improvements and other pro active steps to reduce the impacts of our
    very high number of visitors.  The Center is also making literature and
    educational materials available for the three Visitors Centers in the San
    Gabriel River Ranger District.

  • Spanish Speaking Volunteers needed!
We are dedicated to the conservation of the special regulations catch
and release section of the West Fork of the San Gabriel River. We are
believers that catch and release is vital to the future of fishing, and
absolutely essential for this self sustaining area of the West Fork.

Budget shortfalls have prevented the Forest Service as well as the
Department of Fish and Game from providing the resources needed to
protect this "protected" section of the River.  Uniformed patrols from
both the FRVC and the WFSGRC are greatly needed to pick up where
these other agencies have left off.

Our wild fish are threatened but can so easily be saved!
A Little About What We Do
In addition to uniformed patrols, the WFSGRC is generating funding
through Memberships, Tax Deductible Donations and Fund Raising
Events to provide funding for much needed facilities improvements such
as Bi-Lingual Signage, Trash Collection and Restroom Facilities, as well
as helping to fund improvements through the efforts of a number of
organizations working to protect and improve this heavily pressured
Wilderness Area.

Educational events for all ages are an ultimate goal of the
Conservancy.  The access road and Glenn Camp are both fully
wheelchair accessible which enables all to enjoy this environment.  By
offering a fully educational experience in not only fly fishing, but
entomology (aquatic bugs), plant life, and the efforts necessary to
conserve this sacred destination for generations to come, we aim to
foster younger generations who will continue all of our conservation
efforts in the future.  Conservancy is rooted in our ability to recognize,
respond and pass it on.
Welcome to our home waters!
West Fork San Gabriel River Conservancy
Our Thanks To The Following Organizations For Their
Conservation Efforts On The San Gabriel River
Awareness Needed
A local Scout Troop teams up with
the FRVC to install special Creek
trail head.  Similar signs are greatly
needed on the West Fork
West Fork National Bikeway
This gated service road runs the
length of the West Fork from Hwy
39 to Cogswell dam, granting easy
access hundreds, or even
thousands of visitors to these
"protected" Catch & Release
waters on any given weekend.
Wild Trout
Special regulations on the West
Fork are in place to help this little
guy to grow to 10" or more,
poaching has resulted in this
being the "average" sized fish
Human Pressure
Within a one hour drive of nearly
20 million people, it's not
uncommon for the San Gabriel
River to have 15,000 visitors on a
weekend day.  Recreational dam
and litter removal consumes an
unbelievable number of volunteer
hours every year.
With today's budget cuts and staff
reductions for both the DGF and
the Forest Service, scenes like
this on the West Fork could
become a thing of the past
without your help.
Patrols meet at the Rincon Station at mile marker 26.4 on Hwy 39 (1/4 mile
North of the OHV Staging Area on Hwy 39) at 8:30AM, departing at 9AM
(unless otherwise noted).  

PLEASE NOTE:  Please confirm your attendance by email to the Patrol
Leader listed below  

Patrol dates / Patrol Leaders as follows:

July 6               Peter Hutline -
July 13             Ed Ash - Email
Juy 20              TBD
July 27             John & Melinda Burns - Email

Aug 3
Aug 10                Ed Ash -
Aug 24
Aug 31

Sept 7
Sept 14                 Ed Ash -
Sept 21
Sept 27                Kids Academy  (Tenative)
Sept 28                 John & Melinda Burns -

** Notes "Information Tent" dates

For more information on Patrols, CLICK HERE