Photos from San Gabriel Canyon
West Fork near the Hwy 39 parking lot.
Easy public access and a lack of facilities
creates a very negative human impact on this
once beautiful part of the fishery
Photo Album
West Fork San Gabriel River Conservancy
West Fork one mile from the Hwy 39 parking lot.
While still easily accessible to the public by the West
Fork National Bikeway, most of the crowds and damage
are gone by the start of the Catch & Release Wild
Trout section of the River
Fire Damage
Human caused wild fires in the Angeles National Forest cost taxpayers millions of dollars, strain firefighting
resources clear across the Nation, close recreation areas to the public for years at a time and worst of all, often
cooking regulations, and serve as the eyes and ears of the US Forest Service Fire Crews.

WFC Volunteers in the water removing
floating trash from campsite at water's edge
WFC Volunteer seen collecting trash from the
rock ledge shown in the first photo (above the
pool at far left)
A Beautiful West Fork Waterfall
Click the photo to enlarge and see the
WFC Volunteer removing trash.
Can you imagine leaving trash in a place
like this?
And only yards to the trash can
At least this trash found near the water's
edge was somewhat "bagged up", however
the 50' walk to the trash can was more than
these visitors were willing to give.
And only yards to the trash can
At least this trash found near the water's
edge was somewhat "bagged up", however
the 50' walk to the trash can was more than
these visitors were willing to give.
A little further from  the trash can
compacted between rocks and hidden from
view from above.  This 3'X3' pile weighed in at
over 100lbs and happened in one afternoon.  
morning before this find.
"Let me help you put that fire out"
A WFC Volunteer extinguishes a visitors
illegal charcoal fire.  Multi-Lingual "No
Charcoal BBQ's" signs are clearly posted
in the area, however some visitors need a
Gang Graffiti in the first mile
Common and frequent near the gate and
parking areas, this type of vandalism is
seldom seen up river.  WFC Volunteers work
to quickly remove (rather than paint over)
graffiti before it spreads out of control.
Rapid Graffiti Removal
environmentally friendly "Green" Graffiti
Remover to remove fresh graffiti as soon as
it's spotted.  At $10 a can, your
donation will
help keep us on top of it!
West Fork 1-1/2 miles from the Hwy 39 parking lot.
shake your hand.
Campground Maintenance
WFC Volunteers give their time to provide campground maintenance and
repairs in the wake of Federal lay-offs and hiring freezes.  Cleaning and
maintenance of the "Glenn Campground" seven miles from Hwy 39 are a
normal part of our patrols
Servicing Handicapped Fishing Platforms
WFC Volunteers clear snags and excess brush
allow permitted visitors more time fishing and
less time re-rigging.
Handicapped Fishing Platform Brush Clearance
WFC Volunteers clear brush to allow visitors in
wheelchairs ample fly casting space
Weekly Stream Sampling
WFC Volunteers take stream samples from a
number of areas along the river every week.  
This not only allows the WFC to keep an
Entomology database and monitor
conditions, but allows us to share the
information with anglers on what the Wild
Trout are currently feeding on.
Fishing Information Table
WFC Volunteers maintain an information
table at the start of the Catch & Release area.
This not only allows the WFC to share stream
samples and hatch information with
fishermen, but also allows us to make contact
with EVERY fisherman entering the Special
Regulations area.
"What Special Regulations Signs?"
Regulations area is that they "didn't know, "didn't see the signs", etc...
A series of simple but effective "Special Regulations" signs come out with us
on patrol and are virtually impossible to miss when entering the Special
Regulations area.
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Recreational Dam Removal
While many Forest visitors enjoy "water play" in the River, very few understand the
damage that their rock dams cause for the fishery.  Increased water temperatures
effect the aquatic life (insects -aka "Trout food"), and the Wild Trout's movement in
the River is greatly hampered.  WFC members work to educate visitors on the
dam's effects, and remove dams as soon as they're spotted.
Uniformed Presence
serves as a reminder that littering is wrong, as well as the
fact that they're not alone and this doesn't go un-checked.
Visitors are often seen scurrying to pick up their litter as
soon as they see a "badge" headed their way.